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Wild-Tending the Shoreline Ecosystem

Seaweeds or sea vegetables, as they are also called, are a major super food, providing health benefits beyond any other substance on the planet.  They are also delicious if one knows how to prepare them, and the kelp forests are in danger.  by Tanya Stiller – Nutritionist, Herbalist, Health Coach and your Seaweed Guide.

In this weekend trip we will learn about the health benefits of seaweeds, learn to cook some simple and traditional Japanese and other seaweed recipes, and learn to prepare seaweed spa treatments and luxuriate in these preparations. We will go to the shoreline at the low tide and take a close look at the interrelated networks of all the different inner tidal species, learn about and practice habitat restoration methods of the kelp ecosystem (utilized by both non-profit organizations and Fish and Wildlife Department), and participate in sustainable wild tending and harvesting practices of these seaweeds, in particular we will focus on the harvesting of the invasive seaweed species, and purple urchins. 


About Ecological Tours

Ecological Tours, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that seeks to explore traveling from a sustainable lens. As stewards, how can we discuss the responsibilities of protecting our shared resources while learning about how to nourish ourselves, while seeking to leave the bounties of our World to future generations with more healthful options? We seek to create a venue of travel that has a lower carbon footprint than the norm, with a focus on harvesting with a lens on past, present and future generations. By exploring new ways of learning and sharing, we hope to inspire a new generation of travelers that know how to protect our World thru shared conversations.


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